Emerson, Lake and Powell: 20 years after

1985 is a symbolic year for Cozy Powell. It's because of his going out from being a backing drummer which he was during ten years. It was with a help from new supergroup, Emerson, Lake and Powell.

Cozy spent two years in this band since he came to Keith Emerson's house at the first time till Carl Palmer's return. During this shot period trio had recorded only one album (I leave out of account Space Gospell recorded for fan club members only) and did one American and Canadian tour.

About all these things and more others Cozy told to Chris Welch, a Kerrang! journalist. Beautiful stuff that looks more like a tale than like an interview. Cozy, with his humour and self-irony, share the plans concerning show; with warm awe speaks about his bandmates; with a shadow of sadness describes the situation in the British show business. And Chris Welch reproduces all this in his review, and it unwittingly begins to seem to reader that it happened with himself, that he, not Chris, visited Cozy, shaked his manly hand, looked into the deep of his penetrating eyes and listened to the stories about happy and, at the same time, painful present... walked with Cozy through his estate, had a cup of tea and watched videos in his company...

Most people don't know much about Emerson, Lake and Powell. And now, when it's 20 years after the band's break-up, I'll try to lift this veil of uncertainty with a help from Chris Welch's stuff. And Cozy's 60th anniversary seems a great reason for this!
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