Happy Birthday Cozy Powell!!!

On the 29th of December, 2007 Cozy Powell could be 60. Sure, this "could be" instead of "will be" can bring a piece of sadness for this date, but I can't be sad, because long ago this day gave a life to the man who became a legend and an idol not only for drummers and musicians, but for many other people who are far from music.

You may discuss, Powell's phenomenon as long as you want. You may criticize or praise him. You may love one of his bands and wonder what did he do in another. And you may just remember this wonderful musician and interesting person. You may listen to his music, mentally say "Happy Birthday" and wish him live forever in minds and hearts of numerous fans.

It's a thankless task to enumerate all the bands and all the persons Cozy played with. There are so much names, and someone can be forgotten. I think it would be better to know what band or pesron was the most interesting to him. While I was searching for interviews of different times and reading them I came to a conclusion that the working times spent with Keith Emerson and Greg Lake made the strongest impression on Powell. And the year of his 60th anniversary is also the year of 20th anniversary since ELPowell had been broken. So, I decided to dedicate one part of "Project 2007" to this trio.

And now let me tell some words about things you can find here in this project.

Emerson, Lake and Powell: 20 years after - this part is dedicated to Emerson, Lake and Powell. Here you'll find video pieces of band's gigs, a bootleg, album "Space Gospell" which had been recorded for fan club members only, and also the review from Extra Kerrang! magazine in which Chris Welch, the journalist, tells about his visit to Cozy Powell on July, 1986.

Fans' Thoughts - words about Cozy told by fans.

Cozy Powell's 60 Bests - a compilation which includes 60 tracks with Cozy Powell's drumming divided into four groups: the 70-th, the 80-th, the 90-th and posthumous releases (I had to sweat over making this! :-))

Desktop pix - some fruits of my "creative".

Exlusive - author of this project sings song from Cozy Powell's album.

That's all. Let me leave you alone with "Project 2007" and wish you nice and interesting watching. And Cozy Powell is always with us!

You comments are welcomed, you can post them here. Though my guestbook is Russian, there's nothing difficult to post there, you'll see when you enter! ;-)
Suzanna ELPy,
December, 29, 2007, Kiev Ukraine

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