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Suzanna ELPy sings Cozy Powell's song

I wanted to make some Cozy Powell's stuff for long long times. It was since I went mad for his music.

I remember my times with Avenue. It was one of the numerous cover bands which played in clubs, bubs and restaurants of Kiev. We were four young guys, everyone had his own musical tastes. Sure, there were common preferences, for example, The Beatles - we played many songs of them. But we always tried to learn some of stuff which was prefered by everyone of us. These were songs of Red Hot Chili Peppers, Paul McCartney, B.B. King, and there's come the day when we performed some ELP compositions, and later Cozy Powell's one. It was Dartmoore, from Octopuss.

Side by side with Avenue there was also my own band called Hard Day's Night. We played our own stuff, but once we took part in the ELP Fest. It was a live tribute to ELP which took its place on the 5th of January, 2006, in Kiev. For this concert we learnt six songs, and two of them are by Emerson, Lake and Powell (Touch And Go and Lay Down Your Guns).

Both bands had broken-up. And my infatuation for Cozy was growing more and more. I found his stuff which was new for me, and one day I found out I'd like nothing better than to record one of Cozy's songs. A band? Hard Day's Night and Avenue no longer exist. Singing alone by acoustic guitar? It didn't seem a good idea.

It all happend almost in one moment. My husband (he's musician, too) went mad for home recording, and I got Cozy Powell's posthumous album, Especially For You. Among all the tracks I was the most impressed by All I Wanted Was Your Love. John West sang it so passionaly, so sensibly! I was just struck...

And now my dream came true! I've dung the song from Cozy's album - that song which I fell in love with since I've heard it for the first time. My heartful thanks to my husband who made the instrumental phonogram! Sure, VST-drums cannot be compared with Cozy's playing, I'm too far from John West's brilliant singing, but we're trying to do all our best!

Indeed, this record isn't professional, so, judge for yourself, but don't be too cruel :-)

All I Wanted Was Your Love

Suzanna ELPy- vocals, attempts of mixing
Alexander Titunin - guitar, bass, VST-instruments

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