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I put on this page words about Cozy said by bifferent people. They are my friends and never-known persons, they live in Ukraine and Russia, England and USA... They all are different because of their characters, ages, kinds of business, but they all have one common feeling, love and respect to Cozy Powell, to his music and personality. My heartful thanks to all of them!

Cozy is really great musician! He has his own amazing and inimitable style of drumming! It's sad he passed away. But he still has numerous fans who'll remember him for long long times...

Cozy is so nice! I ain't a big hard rock fan, but I like him very much for playing with Ace Kefford from The Move, my fave band... He was so young! And not only because of this, I always loved him. Though I listen to his bands very little, I can say he's wonderful musician and person.

Heard him with ELP and Brian May Band. Deep respect. RIP.

You may talk for a long time about his greatness and about his unique style of drumming. But it is safe to say that at the same time with Jon Bonham and Ian Paice he exerted colossal influence to modern drummers. He became the first of the new kind of drummers, brawny guys which drum like maniacs; guys orieneted to powerful and speed playing. But you shouldn't forget that Cozy Powell's drumming was as different as the bands he worked with (from Rainbow and Black Sabbath to Jeff Beck's fusion and a lot of projects which are far from rock music).

Cozy Powell played like no other, it should be more people like he!

He's the brightest example of great musician who can play ALL music.

Cozy's one of my favorite drummers. Ressurrection is one of Brian's bests, and Cozy's over the top there!

It was very good idea to invite him for world touring. Because of Cozy's apsence concerts of 1998th seem more prosy than gigs of 1994. He's sadly missed... I think he could still surprise us with interesting projects.

Res. Man
He's the cultest for me, and my favorite drummer. 1812 rulezzz!

Austin Rollins
Cozy, since you were once part of Black Sabbath, you will always have a place in my heart and soul.

I saw him in concert numerous times and he always left us screaming for more. One of my top 10 of all time. He's remembered.

Morgan Wolf
Cozy Powell was a dark and dangerous-looking cat. He had the most impressive drum kit Id ever seen, and he beat the living shit out of it.

RIP Cozy,saw him play with Rainbow in Leicester back in the 80s, i am so glad i got to see this brill drummer, my inspiration to play them back in the 80s & still playing today, cheers Cozy.

Cozy never understand what the word of: Limit means, he just understand 2 words: MORE and FASTER..

Cozy was a big inspiration to me when I was a kid. I remember hearing him do some double Bass when he was with Rainbow on the live album. I thought it was amazing. Of course todays drummers do it easily,but we owe him a Thankx.

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